Automobile Accidents, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall, Worker's Compensation

Things happen. Duberman Associates helps plaintiffs when they are injured through the fault of another party. We handle auto accidents, slip and fall, worker's compensation, wrongful death and all other personal injury cases. When an accident occurs, you may be entitled to recover monetary damages from the responsible party that caused the injury. Damages may include payment of medical bills, lost wages, property damage or loss, recovery for permanent injuries, pain and suffering and emotional distress. Whether you have been injured at home, work or play, Duberman Associates can help ensure that your rights are protected. Our commitment and compassion in representing the rights of accident victims has enabled us to produce impressive results.

Divorce and Family Law, Collaborative Divorce, Mediation and Matrimonial Litigation

No one wants to think about divorce or family problems but unfortunately it happens. Duberman Associates can help you deal with difficult issues at this very difficult time. Dissolving a marriage causes considerable pressure on all of the parties, including children that may have resulted from the marriage. Our firm prides itself on balancing being aggressive and the practical side of life. When appropriate, alternative dispute resolution methods such as collaborative practice and mediation are encouraged. We represent our clients’ needs in order to resolve a divorce in the most beneficial way to the client whether that be through a settlement, mediation or trial. We work hard to achieve this goal in the most cost-effective manner to the client while recognizing that each client’s situation is unique.

Municipal Court Defense

Duberman Associates helps clients with a wide range of legal cases such as traffic tickets (reckless driving, speeding tickets, etc.), DWI charges, driver’s license suspension and reinstatement, disorderly conduct offenses and other municipal ordinance violations. For us, it is business as usual. We routinely appear in several municipal courts throughout New Jersey on behalf of our clients.

Wills, Trusts and Estates

Everyone wants to age gracefully. At Duberman Associates, we believe that this is best done by preparing for the future. Our Estate Law practice assists clients in preparing a will and/or trust as well as with the administration of an estate if a death has occurred. We also help clients in the preparation of living wills, health care directives and powers of attorney. Duberman Associates works with clients to write a will and/or trust that best meets their needs. In addition, we are experienced in administering or probating a will. We are cognizant that death and dying are sensitive issues that no one wants to talk about. However, at Duberman Associates, we are familiar with the legal instruments involved and work seamlessly with the executor of an estate to ensure that their responsibilities are smoothly administered.