The key to a successful real estate transaction rests on the ability of your attorney to perform accurately and economically.

Duberman Associates is committed to providing our Community of Heroes with cost effective real estate representation. We are a client centric law firm that is always mindful our clients’ costs. Duberman Associates Law Firm offers our Community of Heroes, a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION and expert guidance for their real estate transactions at a fraction of the cost normally charged.

Duberman Associates is proud to support:

Veterans – Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, or Coast Guard—no matter what your role or rank.

Law Enforcement – Police officers, corrections officers, parole and probation officers, state troopers, university law enforcement, investigators, prison staff, corrections facility supervisors and security officers.

Firefighters – No firefighter should have to spend hard-earned money on overpriced legal assistance.

Teachers – K-12 teachers, college professors, principals and school staff members.

Medical Professionals – Registered nurses, doctors, surgeons, EMTs, mental health professionals, technicians, pharmacists and hospital employees.

Government Workers – Government workers help communities stay organized. If you’re a government worker, we would be honored to make sure your home buying/selling process runs just a smoothly.

Duberman Associates has a statewide footprint and a local feel. We understand the anxiety and frustration that can accompany a real estate transaction. We offer reliability, trust and support.

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